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If you want to...

1-- fully assess your lead generation pipelines & workflows,
2-- assemble and mechanize newer, more robust pipelines designed to increase product, or market share,
3-- analyze, test and iterate your results,
4-- continually improve until you've reached your desired outcomes...

...then you are more than likely a good fit for our services

our Services

Online Courses is my training website dedicated to providing complimentary as well as certification (fee-based) classroom instruction.  Certification courses are taught college style


Immersion | Intensives

These workshops are designed exclusively for teams or groups who want to get in fast, learn in a focused environment, do all the work while in session, and leave with a fully-functional lead generation playbook


Concierge Coaching

One-on-one coaching.
Two options are available:
— Advisory – you set the pace
— 3-month framework builder (I set pace).   Both programs offer an encouragement discount policy

Practice makes perfect

I know about your hectic schedule. I also know the only way you truly understand how to predictably prospect is by practicing it in a structured environment. This is why I’ve  created – a playground area that’s full of hours of exercises, videos, worksheets and materials.  I upload new courses monthly on this website

The best use of your time

If you’re in a hurry or have a high sense of urgency, then review the concierge services I offer.  I have 2 intensives | immersion programs for heads-down learning:
— 3x5hour virtual sessions or
— 2×8 hour sessions
Both programs are designed to get you a rock-solid playbook for mechanizing prospecting where it makes sense. Then we blend the mechanized part of the framework with  hyper-personalization and relationship-building (human stuff)

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