Episode 3: The Evolution of Prospecting – John Barrows

Predictable Prospecting
Episode 3: The Evolution of Prospecting - John Barrows
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With the rise of automated marketing on the horizon, how can sales reps avoid becoming completely obsolete? The key lies in the unique ability of the sales rep to reach the client on a personal level, providing much-needed context to the content being sold.As the sales industry moves and evolves, both rookie and experienced sales reps must be able to embrace new technologies while still holding onto the methods of the past — a text message can never replace a genuine phone call, but the form letters of old have got to go! Candid J.Barrows, sales trainer to today’s leading tech companies, takes us through his own prospecting philosophy. Barrows has traveled all over the world teaching his sales method and technique to employees of major companies like Linkedin and Salesforce. An early adaptor of the Basho sales methodology, J. Barrows brings his bevy of sales experience knowledge to sales reps looking to stay current in an ever-changing market.
john-barrowsEpisode Highlights

  • J.Barrows’ sales journey
  • The danger of being a lazy sales rep in a marketing world
  • Evolution of prospecting – lack of personalization
  • Using Linkedin effectively
  • Millennials VS Generation X
  • Content and context
  • “The reason for my call is” – stop just checking in on your clients

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