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Marylou Tyler’s Predictable Prospecting Podcast

Episode 75: Using Video to Start Outreach Conversations – Fernando Silva
Starting a conversation is the first step in the sales process, and it is also a step that most salespeople
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Episode 74: Methods and Models for Productivity – Nancy Gaines
Every business from solo entrepreneurs to small business owners and people working within larger businesses need systems to create consistency,
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Episode 73: Supplementing Sales Teams – Stephen Hayes
Building, training, and growing a sales team can be expensive and time consuming. New businesses and especially growing businesses will
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Episode 72: Prospecting as a Function of Sales – Patrick Rodgers
Without prospects, there will be no sales. Yet, companies can struggle with incorporating prospecting into the sales process and getting
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Episode 71: Data Driven Sales – Jason Vargas
Sometimes old school sales people forget the importance of data. Nothing can help shape and guide the sales process better
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Episode 70: Prospecting and Lead Generation Myths – Tony Hughes
The number one problem most sales people say they have is lack of pipeline. Yet, lack of pipeline is usually
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Episode 69: Powering the Sales Process With Automated Tools – Bryan Franklin
As an Executive Coach and Consultant, Bryan Franklin has helped multiple businesses pass the one billion mark in revenue. His
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Episode 68: Inside the Science of Sales – David Hoffeld
As we march down the sales pipeline, the more information we have the easier it is to connect the dots
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Episode 67: Behind the Book Lightning Sales Ops – Matt Bertuzzi
As much as every SDR loves using technology and programs to help them connect with prospects, no one likes to
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Episode 66: Accomplishing More Sales in Less Time – Jill Konrath
 How many times per day do you pick up your cellphone? We all do it — mindlessly scrolling through our
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PP_CoverI co-authored Predictable Revenue with Aaron Ross and am just about to release my own follow-up book, Predictable Prospecting, published by McGraw-Hill, with co-author Jeremey Donovan. This book continues teaching you how to repeatably turn cold conversations into qualified opportunities. We took the formula on page 42 of Predictable Revenue‘s book and created an entire system for you showing you how to consistently generate opportunities with high revenue clients you’re more likely to close.

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