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Marylou Tyler’s Predictable Prospecting Podcast

Episode 20: Keeping the Data in your Pipeline Fresh – Donato Diorio
Keeping the data in your pipeline fresh is crucial for running a productive system, but too many of us allow
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Episode 19: Methods for Communicating with Prospects – Evan Jones
 It’s easy to send a form email to a new prospect, but the key to building a pipeline is to
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Episode 18: Starting Conversations with Customers for Consistent Growth – Steven Wagner
 Today’s guest is Steven Wagner, founder and CEO of Sales Ignition, a company that helps sales teams start conversations with
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Episode 17: Aspects of the Sales Business – Steve Underwood
While we might all be in different types of sales, we can learn plenty about conversation, influence, and leadership from
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Episode 16: Growth Marketing Funnel – Samuel Woods
 Having an impact with your marketing message requires understanding. Your ideal buyer is more than their basic demographics. Our guest
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Episode 15: Inspiring the Entrepreneur – Jorge Soto
 We’re all familiar with the famous proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child!” As more entrepreneurs launch their
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Episode 14: Building a Strong Sales Team – Kevin Chiu
Getting a startup tech company off the ground and into the public sphere is no small feat, but having a
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Episode 13: Creating Meaningful Conversations – Jennifer Havice
Many sellers have no idea how to begin talking to a new customer. Instead of creating honest dialogue, businesses jump
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Episode 12: Conversation with Target Prospects – Kyle Porter
 One of the most important factors in building a predictable pipeline is continuing the conversation with prospects. My guest today
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Episode 10: Effective Sales Process – Ash Alhashim
An effective sales process brings a prospect on as a partner; working together to solve their issue. This ideal situation
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PP_CoverPredictable Prospecting, published by McGraw-Hill (2016), with co-author Jeremey Donovan showcases the newest frameworks, workflows and metrics for turning cold conversations into qualified opportunities. We took the formula on page 42 of Predictable Revenue‘s book and created an entire blueprint for you that details how to consistently generate opportunities with high revenue clients you’re more likely to close.

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