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Marylou Tyler’s Predictable Prospecting Podcast

Episode 11: Sales Techniques and Technologies – Max Altschuler
 All great sales professionals have one thing in common: they never stop learning. Even the most veteran leaders are looking
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Episode 9: Effective Sales Leads Generation – Stefan Boyle
What if a company is great at closing deals, but not so skilled in beginning the conversations with the prospects
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Episode 8: Intelligent Outreach Automation Processes – Mark Kosoglow
If a sale requires risking political capital, how do you establish trust? Our guest Mark Kosoglow is an expert in
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Episode 7: Engaging ‘Dream Customers’ in a Whole New Way – Heather R. Morgan
How do you capture the attention of someone you’ve never met in a way that encourages them to respond? Starting
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Episode 6: Sales Acceleration Formula – Mark Roberge
 Why are salespeople depicted as slimy money-grubbers instead of as the brand representatives we know we are? As the industry
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Episode 5: Understanding Buyer Personas – Adele Revella
 Buyers are more than demographic statistics. They have sophisticated needs and are frustrated when companies fail to understand. Effective marketing
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Episode 4: Increasing Sales and Team Morale Simultaneously is Possible – Jeremy Donovan
 When your goal is to double sales productivity AND increase happiness the insight of a sales strategist is key. Our
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Episode 3: The Evolution of Prospecting – John Barrows
With the rise of automated marketing on the horizon, how can sales reps avoid becoming completely obsolete? The key lies in
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Episode 2: The Sales Development Playbook – Trish Bertuzzi
Inspired to write the modern day version of Predictable Revenue, today’s guest Trish Bertuzzi wrote a book about achieving accelerated
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Episode 1: From Impossible to Inevitable – Aaron Ross
My mentor, former business partner and dear friend, Aaron Ross and I recently caught up together on myPredictable Prospecting Podcast.
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PP_CoverPredictable Prospecting, published by McGraw-Hill (2016), with co-author Jeremey Donovan showcases the newest frameworks, workflows and metrics for turning cold conversations into qualified opportunities. We took the formula on page 42 of Predictable Revenue‘s book and created an entire blueprint for you that details how to consistently generate opportunities with high revenue clients you’re more likely to close.

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