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Sales Enablement Services


  • 6-Month Coaching Program
  • Learn and apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive methods for generating your predictable revenue sales pipeline at your own pace, under advisory by Marylou Tyler
  • Assess -> Target -> Engage -> Analyze -> Optimize -> Systematize -> Maintain
  • Complete project plan with worksheets, milestones & deliverables
  • You set the pace - at your own rhythm
  • Coursework included for self-pacing
  • Download entire project plan & all videos for continued education & deployment

Immersion Workshop

  • On-site Workshop
  • Examine descriptive, predictive and prescriptive solutions for generating your predictable revenue sales pipeline in a 1 1/2 day intensive workshop taught by Marylou Tyler
  • Explore 28-blocks, ordered in table-of-element fashion, for assembling, activating and optimizing a top & middle-of-funnel sales pipeline
  • Blocks are ordered in assembly, activation & optimization steps
  • Attendees are provided with workbooks, videos, audios
  • Coursework facilitated by certified instructors
  • Supplemental coaching options available

Framework Builder

  • Coaching Programs (3 & 6-month)
  • Learn, apply & execute descriptive, predictive and prescriptive methods for generating your predictable revenue sales pipeline under the direct guidance of Marylou Tyler
  • Assess the current state of your sales pipeline & plan the desired sales pipeline outcome
  • Assemble your sales pipeline (4-6 weeks) - Study and build assembly components supporting a robust & predictable sales pipeline
  • Activate built assembly components (4-weeks) to start, follow-up & nurture qualified prospects
  • Begin optimizing (2-4 weeks) your newly built sales pipeline across a variety of accounts & sales process conversations
  • Construct an introductory sales playbook for you and/or your team

Course Instruction

  • Online Courseware
  • Self-directed & faculty-assisted courses designed for a variety of students
  • Introductory to advanced courses all designed to build a consistent, scalable sales pipeline
  • Focus is on top-of-funnel & middle-of-funnel sales process
  • Courses cover topics in sales pipeline planning, assembly, activation and optimization
  • Additional courses address content creation & placement on the sales pipeline
  • Everything you need to effectively address initial, follow-up and follow-on conversations to maximize your Return-On-Effort

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